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A counterattack is an attack intended to stop or oppose an attack by an enemy or competitor. (Press, n.d.) It is an attack that is made as an offset or reply to another attack (Dictionary, 2020).


I have been up since 6am receiving direct download from heaven on how to prepare you all for this fight. God has given me powerful scriptures, declarations, instructions and detailed breakdown on how to cover yourselves in prayer from head to toe!


This is your 911 Spiritual Warfare manual. Everything around us may seem to be shut down, yet we will make sure we are shut into the Word of God! I pray you enjoy this short-version of the Counterattack and apply it to your daily prayer routine. 


Check out the chapters you can look forward to in the Full Version:


1.CHAPTER 1 – The Counterattack

2.CHAPTER 2 – Push Hell’s Forces Out

3.CHAPTER 3 – Heavens Line of Defense

4.CHAPTER 4 – From Head to Toe

     1.The Exterior

     2.The Interior

5.CHAPTER 5 – The Senses






6.CHAPTER 6 – Prayers Against Sickness And Disease

7.CHAPTER 7 – Conquering Fear

8.CHAPTER 8 – Prayer to Release the Breakers Anointing



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