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7-DAY ACCESS - $19.97 


Jeriele Prudent covers basic questions about prayer, prayer posture, spiritual warfare, identifying your enemy and more!


This 2 Part Workshop covers


  1. We broke down the following questions:
  1. What is Prayer?
  2. How do we pray?
  3. How do we overcome fear in prayer?
  4. Do we have to get on our knees? Are their other postures in prayer?
  5. What is intercessory prayer?
  6. What is Spiritual Warfare?


Then we went into the 3 Questions Every Christian should Know about Spiritual Warfare:
Question #1:  Who Is Our Enemy?

Question #2:  How Does Our Enemy Attack Us?

Question #3:  How Should We Respond To His Attack?


In this Prayer Workshop, Pastor Jeriele and Special Guests - Rev(s) Wilner & Naomie Prudent, Dr. Chandra Williams & Min. Danielle Joseph - expose the Leviathan and the practical and spiritual tools on how to conquer it!


Counterattack "Who is our Enemy?" 7-Day Access

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